Use a Criminal Attorney and Prevent Compromising Your Criminal Record

There are many reasons to retain a criminal attorney, even when facing minor charges. The legal system is very complicated, and many have found that going it alone has more consequences than the actual criminal charges. This is especially true for a law-abiding citizen facing a criminal charge for the first time. From time to time, even a law-abiding citizen will face the need to retain a criminal attorney. Although the laws in the United States state that one is innocent until proven guilty, having the proper legal representation in court can mean the difference between going home free and without a criminal record, or facing jail time that could lead to a number of other negative consequences. While legal representation is indeed a right, sometimes the court-appointed attorneys cannot dedicate the same amount of time and effort that a paid criminal attorney can.

There are a number of services beyond trial representation that a criminal attorney can provide for their clients. Criminal laws can be complex, and will vary by city, county, or state. Therefore, certain criminal offenses do not carry the same weight as others. As a result, the lawyer can help their client understand the charges they are facing, the evidence against them, and the legal consequences. Many times, this can help the accused decide how they would like to approach the case. This is especially helpful because many times law enforcement does a poor job of explaining to the accused why they are in jail. In fact, the lawyer can also help their clients understand their rights and even advocate for their client if law enforcement is not following the proper procedures in their jurisdiction.

Many times, criminal cases are dismissed due to law enforcement not following the proper procedures. For instance, probable cause is a legal term used to describe the grounds on which can officer can make an arrest or conduct a property or personal search. Although probable cause can include any type of suspicious behavior, the smell of drugs or alcohol is usually the biggest indicator of criminal activity that allows the officer to conduct a search. While it is legal for the officer to arrest the accused if they find an illegal item after conducting the search, the criminal charges must be dropped if the officer cannot prove probable cause. Many times it is the attorney’s job to review the police report and interview the arresting officer to determine if there was an illegal search that led to their client’s arrest.

Even for those with mounting evidence against them, a criminal attorney can still do a lot for their client. For instance, a plea bargain is an agreement between the prosecutor and the defense that allows the accused to plead guilty to the criminal charges in exchange for a lesser sentence. This is when the negotiation skills of an attorney will be the most helpful. In fact, many plea bargains allow for a lesser charge, which can be helpful if the client is facing a felony that has been downgraded to a misdemeanor.

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